Cracked tooth – Richmond, VA

Cracked Tooth – Richmond, VA Dentist


Sometimes teeth can develop cracks, and when not treated, this can have serious consequences for your oral health.  The Richmond Dental team at Brush Up Dental and Shockoe Dentistry are ready to help!


What causes cracked teeth?

Cracks can come from injury or large fillings that weaken the rest of the tooth.

Even small cracks can allow bacteria into the tooth causing decay or infection leading to further destruction.   Infection can also lead to root canal therapy or tooth removal.

It might be surprising, but a cracked tooth may or may not be sensitive to hot and cold or be painful when biting or chewing.   It is very important to keep up with regular cleaning and exam appointments to catch these potential problems before they turn into major ones!

What to do about a cracked tooth

Cracks that progress too far can result in entire sections of the tooth breaking off and in some cases loss of the tooth entirely.    Often smaller cracks can be restored with fillings or dental crowns.   A crack in your tooth is similar to a crack in a windshield, in that it may start out small, but get larger as time goes on.

Early prevention and detection is very important in treating a cracked tooth.   Our team at Brush Up Dental can offer many solutions to prevent or treat cracks in your teeth.   Some of these early treatment may involve the use of Dental “Bite” guards, sealants, or small restorations.