Invisalign Trays

Straight teeth now!

Get straight teeth starting today! Dr. Lipscomb and staff have completed training for both Invisalign and conventional orthodontic treatments. Straight teeth not only look great, they can influence your health, your ability to function, and your nighttime breathing habits.


Invisalign is great for active adults, and can also be used for teens who have their second molars. Many orthodontic movements can be accomplished by using these invisible aligners. We can use newer products like Invisalign Express 5, Express, and Invisalign lite to make smaller changes for less expense.

Conventional Orthodontics

Conventional orthodontics can create a better smile for younger kids and adults who need more movement. These wire and brackets can improve overbite, and help close larger spaces.

Any orthodontic case needs and evaluation with Dr. Lipscomb, so schedule your appointment today to see if these treatments are right for you!