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Having a straight smile changes your view on life!   INVISALIGN® CLEAR BRACES Makes it easy to get the smile you want, because you can get the smile you want without anyone seeing braces.   Recent developments can get you there in half the time.


Your smile is often the first thing that people notice.   We all know that a first impression is the most important, and your teeth play a big part.   A nice smile can convey confidence, health, and self respect.    Today people are living longer and enjoying a more active lifestyle, and they are seeking a younger looking smile.  Straight teeth are the hallmark of a younger looking smile, and some people go to extreme measures to get them.   Aligning your own teeth is often less invasive than using porcelain veneers or crowns give the appearance of straight teeth. Many Adults are opting for clear aligners as a less invasive and cost effective way to get a great smile!    Our adult patients often prefer these clear braces over the traditional metal braces.   Invisalign® is a high tech advancement in the world of orthodontics, and brings options to those who may not have gotten braces in the past.   It can sometimes be 50% faster than orthodontic treatments of the past!     Get a great smile in time for that big event in your life!


Invisalign®  is a contemporary approach to orthodontics and uses clear and removable aligners to straighten your teeth without using metal braces.   They use 3D modeling software and patented manufacturing technology to create a removable and virtually invisible solution for straightening teeth. The  aligners are made of a strong, BPA-free medical-grade plastic that can help fix spacing, crowding, and bite problems with great precision. Each aligner is worn for 1-2 weeks, removing them only to brush,eat, and floss. Your teeth will move little by little with each new tray (aligner)  until they have straightened to the final position. Invisalign straightens teeth, which can lead to healthier teeth and gums!

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Get a healthy smile with Invisalign®

Having straight teeth obviously looks great, but it is also good for the health of your teeth!   Let’s look at some of the benefits of having straight teeth!Straight teeth are easier to keep clean! Gum disease and periodontal disease are often caused by inadequate cleaning of the teeth.   Soft plaque that stays on the teeth can harden over time to form tartar and trap bacteria around the gums.   Crowded teeth can make this problem worse, by creating nooks and spaces where food and bacteria can get trapped.    Having straight teeth remove some of the these spaces and voids and make the teeth easier to clean at home!Better chewing and occlusionWe probably don’t realize it, but the position of your teeth and jaws can impact the health of your teeth, and sometimes your overall health.   Teeth that don’t line up will often have enhanced wear, and may be subject to extra decay or even breakage.   The position of your teeth may also affect the alignment of your jaw which could result in joint issues and developmental issues in children.    Improving the alignment in children may affect them positively for many years down the road.Health and WellnessYour mouth and teeth have a big effect on the overall health of your body.   Keeping teeth clean, and having teeth that are easy to clean, can help prevent decay, gum disease, and fight infection.   Any of you who have had a abscess know how miserable they  can be!    Aligning your jaws properly can sometimes improve how you breath and function.  Studies have shown that improving jaw alignment can help with proper breathing and development, especially in children.   Invisalign® recently released a new service to treat kids earlier than before to help them develop properly.

Will Invisalign® Fit my lifestyle?

Invisalign® Clear aligners will help get you that smile that you have always wanted, and no one has to know that you are wearing them!   Invisalign is virtually invisible, and once hydrated, almost disappear.   I, Dr. Lipscomb, have worn these clear trays in the past, and was surprised how clear they can be!   You may not even notice yourself.   Feel free to take that selfie, or hop into a picture with friends!      Many adults love them because they are removeable.   This alone makes the treatment more flexible and fit into your lifestyle.  Take them out on a dinner date or a lunch meeting.   Invisalign is clear, so don’t worry about hiding your smile.   Millions of people like you have started, so even if they did notice, they would probably be happy for you!    Simply remove the trays when you need to, and brush and floss your teeth like normal!   After the initial placement of the trays, the follow up visits are easy.  We request that you come in every 6-9 weeks to evaluate your progress.   Each appointment is often quick and won’t take up much of your time.

Does Invisalign® Work?

It does work to straighten your teeth!  The clear trays works a bit differently than metal braces, but they are effective at moving teeth.   Recent advancements in the aligner material makes them more functional than ever.   Invisalign has a couple advantages as well.   It can perform several complex movements at the same time.  This is not always possible with conventional braces, which rely on a stages approach.    The treatment has recently been found to be very useful in expansion, which may be extra helpful in kids.    We can now treat many types of cases with Invisalign, from crowding to spacing, over bite and deep bite.

Orthodontic Conditions treated by Invisalign®


Spacing can result from many different things.   Typically it is due the jaw being too large for the teeth.   It can also be caused from breathing problems and or a tongue thrust pushing on the teeth.  Sometimes spacing can be the result of small or missing teeth.   These small or missing teeth may need some extra dental treatment after Invisalign® to get them to normal size.   Spaces between teeth can reduce the support provided by close proximity of adjacent teeth, and could create a trap for food or plaque.


Crowding is often the result of the jaw being too small for the teeth.   Over time, crowded teeth often get worse, and can create traps for food and plaque.  Crowded teeth are harder to clean, and can develop decay or periodontal disease later on.


An overbite is a scenario where the upper jaw sits farther forward than the lower jaw.   This can be the result of growth or teeth issues.    A pronounced overbite can produce poor support for the teeth and jaws over time, and may even cause jaw problems in the future.


In a “normal” bite, the upper teeth fit on the outside of the lower teeth.   A crossbite is opposite to this, and may be a single tooth, or the entire jaw.   Teeth are not constructed to function well in a crossbite, and can often cause wear or breakage over time.   Crossbites can sometimes contribute to jaw and joint problems in the future.


An underbite is the opposite of an overbite.  This results in the lower jaw being out further than the upper jaw, and is often the result of a skeletal growth issue.    It is often best to evaluate an underbite early in life, and to treat them while a child is growing.

Why choose Invisalign® over metal braces?

  • Easier to clean–  The trays can be removed, so you can brush and floss like normal
  • More comfortable- The latest version of  materials are very thin, and barely noticeable
  • Less noticeable- The clear aligners almost disappear when hydrated, so your friends and family probably won’t see them!
  • Treatment can be changed or adapted somewhat easily.    We can order new trays or make small adjustments as you go through treatment
  • Get a 3D preview before you start!  Since the treatment planned on 3D software, you will be able to see your final result before you get going!