Choosing the Right Dentist


You have a lot of dental choices in Fredericksburg and Richmond! Choosing a dentist can be a very difficult decision, and we hope that you will have a great experience!  You and your family should evaluate several things when choosing a dental office.


Your dental treatment should be a team effort.

Regular maintenance at home can lead to easier visits in the dental chair, but you should be presented with options if you require further care. The dentist should work within your goals and provide you with treatment options. Dentistry is not a one size fits all proposition. Your needs and desires should be expressed and strongly considered. Your needs and plans are important. Therefore, we will work to provide the best dental care for the real world.

Your choice in dental office should be ready for almost any situation.

The mark of a great dentist is being able provide great treatment, but also being ready to refer to the proper specialist.  Our doctors gain this knowledge by taking multiple classes and keeping up with current trends.    Furthermore,  this knowledge will be the key for you to have the best treatment possible.

Dr. Lipscomb completed advance implant training at BrighterWay Institute

First, Dr. Lipscomb attends multiple continuing education classes every year and goes well beyond the state requirements in education.

   Because of this education, Dr. Lipscomb works great specialists around town. Dr. Lipscomb has completed over 400 credit hours in the past 3 years alone.   The state only requires 15 credits each year.   You can be confident that Dr. Lipscomb can take great care of your teeth if you choose for him to be your dentist.

What makes makes a buying or service experience stand out to you? Chances are, that you probably said, customer service.

Customer service is one of the most important factors in a dental office, and this is where our offices excel.  

 Most of all, our team’s great customer service makes the dental process easier for you.   We will make sure that your needs are met.

Dr. Lipscomb has worked in the customer service field for almost 25 years and feels that it is an important core value in the practice. Our customer service shines, not only in the way we treat our patients, but also in the way we treat each other. Consequently you will find that customer service runs throughout our dental practice.

Please take the time to consider these factors when selecting a dentist, and in the end we hope you choose Dr. Lipscomb as your dental home!